Four of the best hotel and hospitality CRMs

In order to keep up with demands from guests, more and more hotels and hospitality businesses are having to become more IT savvy; this involves keeping up with current changes in technology and automating processes that have previously been carried out manually. By using products such as CRM software, they can make valuable use of customer history data, provide online check-in services and generally improve their brand. CRM systems can enable them to improve the experience for the customer, creating not only loyalty but more sales.

Here we take a look at five of the best hotel and hospitality CRMs so if you are looking to implement one, you can start off by looking at some of the winners.

1. Serenata

Serenata offers the hospitality industry a tailored CRM solution, enabling even the largest of groups to intensify their marketing and improve customer service with the goal of boosting revenue. This is done by using a refined profile management process which coordinates data from guests across the whole system. This intelligent guest management service enables targeted campaigns to be made and reports and analysis provided; bespoke reports can be printed off based upon set criteria whilst inbuilt forensics provide a host of guest-related data. It makes it easy to reward loyal guests, keep in touch and even send newsletters. It certainly helps to build relationships whilst maximizing profitability and ensures guests have a smile on their face.

2. Guestware

Guestware improves the overall guest experience, whether it is their first visit or one of many. Tasks are easily assigned to staff and requests dealt with. Inbuilt analytics provide invaluable statistics whilst the system integrates smoothly with both PMS and CRS systems (Property Management and Central Reservations). Tasks can be scheduled proactively so that routine duties are planned in advance, ensuring guests benefit from high quality of service.

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3. Guestfolio

A sophisticated CRM platform, this system allows guests to interact with their hotel prior to arrival. Things like confirmation emails and questionnaires can be sent before online check in. The system can be customised to reflect the hotel’s brand and even things like room upgrades can be dealt with by guests in advance. The overall impression is one of caring for customers whilst dealing with all of the usual CRM demands.

4. Kapture

Fill up empty reservation slots and keep your customers happy with this platform. Feeding through leads constantly, it makes it easy for staff to convert them.  Customer data is stored centrally and bookings dealt with smoothly. ROIs can be maximised via skilled campaign budgeting based upon performances per channel. Bookings can also be viewed from a central dashboard.


So there we have it. Having the right CRM in place to suit your hospitality business will not only improve your brand and the customer experience but enable you to increase revenues, even when the going gets tough.

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