Five of the best CRMs for marketing

There are many CRM software options to choose from today. Each has their benefits for sales, integrations, analytics, and the like.

But if improved marketing is your main goal, which ones really stand out?

Here are five of the best CRMs for marketing to kick off your selection shortlist.

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation tool that makes it easy to find leads, and collect and organize detailed information on them. You can create profiles including information like their social media updates and conversations you’ve had with them to create targeted email marketing campaigns and more.

ActiveCampaign also helps you create automated marketing workflows with an easy-to-use flowchart style screen. This improved user experience is what sets ActiveCampaign apart from most of the other CRMs out there.

2. Agile CRM

Agile CRM boasts a wide variety of marketing features, but what makes it stand out from the pack is its real-time notifications of prospect behavior. Agile CRM for marketing tracks and notes when your leads browse your site, what pages they visit, and follows their email engagement behavior. This gives you the most up-to-date information to tailor your marketing campaigns. You can also automate much of it with SMS drip campaigns and other triggered strategies.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is really a lot of different tools rolled into one to help you develop and execute your marketing campaigns. In addition to offering detailed information on the behavior of your leads on your site, social media, and email, Hubspot helps you create landing pages and other content to move them down the sales funnel.

This CRM comparison guide will help you figure out which software best suits your company's requirements

Hubspot can show you which content types resonate most with your audience, and provide detailed analytics to help you improve it. This CRM for marketing software makes it easy to reach out to your site visitors and manage social sharing as well.

4. Inbound Now

If your organization uses Wordpress, then Inbound Now is a great marketing CRM  to use. It is specially designed to integrate right into WordPress to help you automate your marketing without adding an outside app to your site.

Inbound Now comes with a lot of helpful marketing tools to help you create landing pages, A/B test them, and more. Some are free and some come as paid extensions, so you can pick and choose which work best for your needs. Go for the whole package, and you’ll get email integration, social media capabilities, lead importing, and more.

5. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a helpful marketing tool to send voice messages, emails, faxes or print media out to your contacts. If you have an eCommerce site, it can also help you build your own store, track purchases, and more.

The coolest feature of Infusionsoft is the “My Day” view, a daily summary of your tasks, communications, and other obligations based on your contact’s behavior on your site.

Just about any CRM for marketing will get the basics done, but if you’re looking for something more then these suggestions will point you in the right direction. Do your research and make a choice that brings the biggest return on investment for you.

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Courtney is a business writer, content marketing expert, Twitter addict (@danyeltravels) and recovering academic. These days she works with marketing agencies and SaaS companies to create content that engages audiences, generates buzz, builds relationships, and drives sales.

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Courtney Danyel

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